Integrated Quality and Environmental Policy (Marubun/Arrow (Phils) Inc.)

Marubun/Arrow (Phils.), Inc. shall strive to preserve the global environment by establishing an environmental management system, engaging in continual improvement, and preventing environmental pollutioin and to contribute to customers' business and technology development in their industry through providing quality solutions, products and services through:

  • Complying with Environmental Legislation and Regulations
    • We shall comply with all relevant quality and environmental legislations and regulations and with the demands of customers and internal departments/processes, in order to achieve customer satisfaction.
    • We enhance effectiveness of Quality Management Systems with Quality goals and clearly defined operation flows.
  • Reducing Environmental Impact
    • We shall implement resource-saving and energy-saving measures and promote waste reduction and recycling.
    • We shall actively provide environmental-friendly products to customers; thereby contributing to the preservation of the global environment.
    • We address the following themes as important quality matters:
      • Provide solutions: Spot customer's needs and provide highly feasible proposals from customer's point of view, with preoccupation of demands.
      • Supply products: Supply useful, safe and reliable products (Q)
      • Offer fair price (C)
      • Speedy delivery within requested schedule (D)
      • Offer services: Offer excellent services with broad information of products, technologies and market trends.
  • Increasing Quality and Environmental Awareness
    • Based on this Quality and Environmental Policy, we shall increase quality and environmental awareness internally among all managers, employees and third parties, through education and training on environmental issues.
  • Disclosing Quality and Environmental Policy
    • We shall make this Quality and Environmental Policy available to all employees and other interested parties.
  • Reviewing Quality and Environmental Policy
    • We shall review this Quality and Environmental Policy regularly to adapt to any changes effectively and properly.
Effective Date: 1st July 2008
General Manager: Yasutaka Matsuoka
Marubun/Arrow (Phils) Inc.